Why i3?

Because at i3 we understand that it's never just an event. No matter if it's an exclusive fireside chat with five Fortune 100 CIOs or a worldwide product launch for thousands, it's about building the brand, spreading the buzz, sharing the vision, qualifying the lead ... closing the deal.


Events are powerful. They capitalize on precious face-to-face minutes with your customers.  They leave a lasting first impression with fiercely sought-after prospects. They provide quality time with respected business partners. Marketing-based events are an investment in your company's future.

At i3 we understand that if you don't have innovation, insightfulness and inspiration — it is just another event.

  • User Group Meetings
  • Customer Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Press Events
  • Executive Roundtables
  • Seminar Series
  • Sales Kick-offs
  • Employee Recognition
  • Incentive Programs
  • Industry Forums
  • Technology Exchanges
  • Multi-city Roadshows
  • Corporate Celebrations